Our standard events are three day events that start Friday evening and end mid-day Sunday.
Our games include a 4 hour period where everyone participates as a NPC in both role-play and combat focus characters. As we like to say in Dystopia Rising "everybody shambles". This is not only a statement of how we all share time as NPCs over the weekend, but also a mentality we follow in the community as a whole. You could be brand new to LARP, you could be someone who has gamed for twenty years, or you could be the creators of the game world. Everyone plays by the same rules, helps to make our game and community better, and works together to make both our game and our community stronger. 

Our events take place at a site that is rented just for our use. It is our intent to use the same site all year round for a number of years, so Dystopia Rising New York has adopted the approach of "leave it better than you found it" in regards to our play space and our community.

Our events will be listed on the Dystopia Rising LARP Network calendar of events, will be found on Facebook events page, and you will be able to chat and follow your friends on our Home of LARP site.

Dystopia Rising New York is not only a member of the Dystopia Rising LARP Network, but is also a game hosted by the Imagine Nation Collective. The Imagine Nation Collective organize not only amazing Dystopia Rising events such as Dystopia Rising New Jersey and Downfall, but also run a number of other game events.