But there are times when planning ahead can lead to great things at the game. With that in mind, we have two different resources for you.

Dystopia Rising: New York

The official DRNY Page. You can follow our Home of LARP page to keep up with the latest announcements for our branch.


The Wilted Rose 

Leading up to our first game, you will be able to find Public Notices here. 

This is an In Character posting board located in the town of Requiem. Use of this board is restricted to PC's based out of Requiem with the Literacy skill. Want to share an event or look for something before game? That will be the place to do it!

Posts or notes put on this board are public. This board represents an actual board inside the Town of Requiem. Your character had to tack up a flyer or piece of paper for it to be seen here. This group is intended to be used to organize meetings at game, allow your characters to do a bit of advertising, and to put up announcements.

How will you make your mark?