Are you interested in becoming a Marshal?

We are always looking for players interested in Marshalling! Coord, Kitchen, Rules, Settings, and Ops - if you would like to become part of the New York Team please let us know! 

All Marshals spend their 4 hour NPC Block helping make the story more real. During the game Marshals help when fellow players have questions and they lead a Clean Up after the game. 

Send an email to and CC

Include what position you are interested in and why you want to join our team. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Are you looking to join us as a Writer? Information on writing for Dystopia Rising New York can be found on our Writers Application Page.

If you are applying for a Settings Marshal position, please include pictures of your work. If you are applying for Kitchen Marshal, please include any relevant certifications.

Want to be a photographer at one of our games? Send an email to and include your portfolio.