Marshal Feed Back

What did you hear, what did you see, what did you think? Help make our game better.

Keeping up with everyone can get challenging.

And after a weekend of running on coffee & sheer willpower, it is easy to miss something.

Taking a moment and sending this in to us makes helps follow up on everything that happened this event. From a player doing something cool to running out of cups to adding a rumor --- all of these things let us know what to continue next event or work on improving for future events.

All of the fields are optional -- fill out one or fill them all, it will send either way. 

If you know the name of the player or their character name, please include that information. If you can remember a mod, a time, or a location on specific things at game, please include that when possible.

Helps us know who to follow up with if there are any questions.
Physical things around Hope Valley Camp, The Post Office, or Ops.
Excellent Roleplay, players following the stories, players creating their own plots.... Share it here!
Doesn't fit in the other sections? Put it here.