Hide your shiv and come on in to the town of Requiem! Requiem is the final respite for the wasteland’s worst traitors, murderers, and cutthroats. Do you owe too much money in the Ayesea? Welcome to Requiem. Did you rob a family who never forgets a slight? Welcome to Requiem. Do you have a few too many kill notches in your knife, and now you are watching the shadows? Welcome to Requiem. Did you make that one big score and now have to leave town? Welcome to requiem.  

Before the fall of humanity Requiem was once a holdout for old world thieves, murderers, and criminals who needed to make a new life due to betraying their own. A suburban landscape in the middle of nowhere, the local inhabitants were commonly living under fake names and new identities. Now Requiem is a almost self-sufficient estate for a number of “Families” who oversee the continued survival of the settlement.

Not too long ago Requiem was a completely self-sufficient estate deep in the woods north of Old York. Now resources have begun running thin and the area needs some new young go-getters looking to get refuge under the wing of the local Families. For those not seeking to join the Families but still looking to do business, there is also the option to work freelance while receiving the Families protection...for a price.

Requiem holds itself as resourceful and self-sufficient. The resourceful nature of Requiem means that no one asks when things fall off the back of caravans, come from questionable sources, and it is rare for someone to ask how someone came about their slightly blood stained goods.

Even the animals in the area might pick your pocket! So, keep your back to the wall, your gun under the table, and your smile unflinching. You could make it out of here rich, famous, or not at all!