Our game ends at Noon on Sunday. But before we all leave the site, we come together to clean up after ourselves. We believe in leaving things better than we found them. This includes all the places we play and the home away from home we've built in Requiem. 

Personal Clean Up

After game ends, we give our players time to clean up their sleeping areas. This is the time to return to your sleeping area and pack up. Make sure you to remove all of your things, clean up any trash, and leave your sleeping area better than you found it.

Once you are done cleaning your sleeping area, ask a Marshal to mark your 'Cabin Clean Up' complete on your character sheet. 

Camp Clean Up

After personal clean up, there is a general camp clean up. If you check in before the event, you can chose your camp clean up. If you did not check in before the event, a clean up will be assigned to you. Locations to meet your clean up team are announced during closing announcements. Once your team has completed camp clean up, a Marshal will mark your clean up complete.

Character sheets are collected after Camp Clean Up.

If you have to leave early, please see Ops for an early clean up assignment. We will also have a Marshal check your sleeping space with you.

For more information on being prepared for the weekend check out our Being Prepared page.