A group of players gets ready to head out into game as Raiders. 

A group of players gets ready to head out into game as Raiders. 

Every player that attends our games will spend a shift as an NonPlayer Character (NPC). If you are spending the weekend then you will have one four hour shift. If you are only attending for the day on Saturday then you will have a two hour shift.

You will get to be part of a wide range of activities during an NPC shift. We call these activities mods. 

We have a variety of things for you to do on your NPC shift. You may start as a zombie limping after your friends, then become a high roller, and finally change into a armed raider. Each NPC shift is different and will change throughout the day. This is also your chance to try out new things before committing to them as a character. If there is something you want to try let the Rules or Ops Marshal know at the start of your four hour NPC time. They will do their best to match you with a mod that is closest to your interest.

For your first event, you will be assigned an NPC shift based on what is available. After your first game you will be able to pick a shift using your Player Number and our Check In system. If you have registered as New Player prior to your first game, you will be able to use our Check In system to chose a NPC Shift.

When it is time for your shift, come to Ops. If you are not sure where to go, just ask. Showing up late or skipping your NPC shift may result in penalties. During your NPC shift our Staff will direct you on a variety of mods. We provide the weapons, costumes, and make up for each NPC shift. We also have a wide variety of props for each mod. 

Dress in a simple black shirt and pants with sturdy shoes for your NPC shift. Do not bring any character items to NPC shift. You will be asked to put them back or out of the way. Dystopia Rising New York and our Staff are not responsible for any items you bring with you to your NPC shift.

We do recommend bringing a pocket sized snack and a water bottle with your name. Beyond that, just bring yourself!