We're looking forward to meeting you.

During your first three events we have a New Player Area set up with a variety of resources to get you started at Dystopia Rising. There you will find our Story Telling Director who will help you build a character, find a bed, and get you all of your item cards to start the game. Please feel free to ask them any questions you have. 

If you have questions before your first event, contact DRNYCoordinator@gmail.com

Dystopia Rising has collected and created a variety of resources to help you get started. Follow any of these links to learn more:

All Players should come prepared for a weekend surviving in this dystopian future. Bring plenty of food, a costume for your character, sleeping gear, and a contact safe weapon. A set of simple, black clothing for your NPC shift is also required.

Before the start of your first event we provide starter item cards. This means you’ll be able to get right into the game.  Item cards will be made to match the items you’ve brought & skills you chose for your character. So be sure to bring Physical Representations (Phys Reps) for your things!

Every player has an opportunity to rewrite their character sheet once before their third event. So take a chance and play something fun! If you don't enjoy it, you can change the character after the event.

During your first three events you will be given a blue armband that you can wear. This will mark you as a Blue Bird, or a new comer to the game. We have special mods each event that will look for blue arm bands to participate in to help you learn more about our game & Dystopia Rising. We also encourage our established players to take time to help new players learn more & become established in the game. You can wear the blue armband as much or as little as you want during your first three events. If you ever lose it and want a new one, just swing by our Ops area to pick up a new one.