Then you've come to the right place.

Camp Hope Valley

9470 Schmidt Rd, Dansville, NY 14437


From I-390 North or Southbound, take Exit 5 towards NY-36/Dansville. Turn North onto Commerce Dr, then turn Left at the second cross street to NY-36 North. After a little over a mile, turn Left onto Coffee Hill Rd. Then turn Left onto Schmidt Rd. Hope Valley Camp will be on your Right.


Just off of Exit 5 there are several fast-food chains, gas stations, a grocery store, and convenience stores. 

The center of Dansville has a main street with several restaurants and local stores. To get there from our site, turn right out of the site. At the intersection, turn left onto NY-436 East. NY-436 becomes Ossian St and will bring you to the center of Dansville.



Our Logistics (also known as Ops) is behind the main building onsite. This is where you will check into the game, come for your NPC shift, or where you can find answers to Out of Game questions.

Bunks, Beds, & Sleeping On Site

This tree stands across the street from the entrance to Hope Valley Camp. If you drive past the tree, then you have gone too far.

All of our cabins are insulated and have electricity. The cabins have bunks or beds available for players. Beds are first come, first served. There is no saving of bunks or beds for players not on site. You may bring & set up your own cot or air mattress as long as it does not block any walkways, doors, or exits.

Tenting is allowed in designated tenting areas in the warmer months. Because the tenting area may move between events, we will announce where tenting is permitted prior to each event. Do not keep food in your tent.

We encourage you to decorate your sleeping area. Please note that push pins, nails, staples, or anything that would leave a mark is not allowed in or on the buildings. Instead use command strips, sticky tack, suction cups, or anything that will not damage the building you are staying in. Remember, as always, to leave your sleeping area better than you found it.

Medical Sleep will be marked prior to each game. If you need Medical Sleep then email with a Doctor’s note.

Do Not Enter & You

Any door on the site with a ‘ DO NOT ENTER ‘ sign is an area that you are not allowed to enter. It is not a mechanic or plot item for the game. It is actually an area that is off limits to players. If your decor or props include ‘ DO NOT ENTER ‘ signs, please don’t put them on doors.

No Glass Bottles

Glass bottles or containers are not permitted at our site.


The water onsite is potable for drinking, cooking, and bathing in. Faucets are accessible in the bathrooms & the kitchen.

Showers & Bathrooms

There is a bathroom in the main building of the game as well as a bathhouse next to the three main cabins. There are also portajohns on site.

The bathroom in the main building has toilets & sinks. The bathhouse is divided into two rooms. Each room has toilets, sinks, and showers. All of the bathrooms & the bathhouses onsite are unisex.  If you notice a clogged toilet or drain - report it to Ops or the Post Office immediately.

As a note: Bathrooms & bathhouses are Out of Game areas. You are welcome to continue Role Playing while using them, but may not flee combat into them.

Terrain at our site can be rough at times. Watch out for sudden drops & bring a flashlight. 

Storing Food

There is fridge space available for player food storage. This is accessible from a side door to the kitchen. Do not walk through the kitchen to get to the fridge area.

If you have food in your cabin, please keep it in sealed container.

If you are tenting, do not keep food in your tent. Possums, raccoons, squirrels, and bears will have no issue getting through your tent and eating your food.


All use of the Kitchen must be approved before the game. If you wish to use the kitchen during game please email prior to the game you are attending. You will be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing your kitchen area after you have used it.


The Pond & Creek

There is no swimming or fishing in the pond. There is no fishing in the creek. Please stay out of the water.

Fire & You

Fires are permitted in established fire rings. The fire must be contained within the fire ring & you may only burn wood. Do not burn any trash in the fires. There is pine wood available at the site or you may purchase wood in town. If there is a fire ban due to drought or other circumstance, we will announce that prior to the start of game.

Cooking is permitted over your fire.

As a reminder: you are responsible for any fire you start. Fires must be put out completely after you are finished with them. Do not leave a hot or smoldering fire ring. Do not leave any fires unattended. Any fires found to be unattended may result in all players being banned from creating fires.

Do not leave a fire unattended.