Wouldn’t it be fantastic if I could write a plot?

Yes it would be. And now you can! In addition to a normal plot filled game, we give you the option to request extra mods. Until two weeks before our game we accept your plot requests. A plot request allows you to follow up on plot lines, work on focused research, or interact with backstory ties.

Was there a line of research you wanted more opportunities to work on? A sour deal or lost connection from your past you want to bring up? Plot requests are how you bring these ideas to life.

Share your ideas using this form and an ST will work with you on your module. We will also send out the mod in the time slot you chose. This way you will know when to look for your mod!

Depending on how many Plot Requests we get each month, we will prioritize the ones that will impact or engage the most players. It is also should be noted that Plot Requests are not for bringing out Face NPC’s for personal RP. Nor are they designed to include every detail you provide us with or keep strictly to a script you might write. We will work with you, mix your story, and change it as needed to match both our genre and continuity. They will also work to get the most potential plot and story for the mod you submit.

We encourage you to submit plots that involve Groups or Players Characters, but only with their consent. Build a plot with other players, share all the details together, and work together to make a bigger story. Just be sure to keep everyone involved and informed.

Important Points:

  • We can not run plots that involve other branches materials.
  • If you’re including Backstory, make sure has been approved for DRNY.
  • Do not include other player’s characters without their informed consent.
  • The more people involved in a Plot Request, the more resources we can give it.

Submit Your Plot!

Name *
What Times Are Good For This Plot? *
Where we can, we will attempt to fit the plot into a shift that you chose. All times are shown in blocks that we will send can send out your mod in. You may select multiple time blocks. Chose times that your character that is involved with the mod will be in play. Do *not* choose your intended NPC shift.
Please list the names of all PC players/characters that you are looking to involve in this story. We ask that you contact the people you want to involve before submitting your mod. Try to involve at least 20 people in the story. If it involves less, we will work to involve more players in the story to share the experience.
Does this story tie into a submitted character back story? If so, who?
Are there any NPC's involved in this story that have ever entered play before?
Please give us as much information as possible in bullet points if this story has come into play before.
What is the Genre of the Mod? *
What elements or themes are you looking to hit? Please select all that apply.
There are many emotions that a mod can bring out in our fellow players. This plays into the themes and genre of the mod.
Give us a general guideline for what you are looking for. What do you see for this mod?
Where on our site would you like to see this mod occur? This is where we will meet you at the start of the mod.
I Am Ready to Submit And. . . *
I understand that the staff will work hard to make this story come to life. But, depending on the timing, demand, and specifics of the story I acknowledge that my submitted story might not happen. And I am OK with that.