After purchasing your ticket, please use our self check-in system to select which characters you will play, choose an NPC shift, and convert AP. This system connects directly to our character database which means you will know immediately what NPC shift you are signing up for, exactly how much AP you have, and other nifty things. 

Tickets are also available at the door during all of our events.


We are welcoming all players that have been away from Dystopia Rising for 6 months or more with a special deal. Join us this May at DRNY and your weekend is only $30!

We're excited for our one year anniversary and want to see you there. Come on back or bring a friend that has been away. We'll see you soon!


Please proceed directly to our Ticket store. There we will ask you for all the information we need to create you an account and a character. 


Save time and hassle by purchasing a ticket to the meal plan each month. You can pick up your food when it's fresh off the stove, or pick up your meal when you are ready to eat. Never miss a meal and eat at your convenience. Our meal plan includes five meals to keep you full all weekend long!