Common- Open for anyone to play, we just ask that you read the source materials first. 

These Strains require the easiest costumes, the least world content for our local game, and are the most common in our game area. These Strains are perfect for people looking to play for the first time, haven't read the table top game world, or want to play something that is most appropriate for the stories and genre of our game's settlement.
Iron Slave
Natural One
Bay Walker


Uncommon - Pending costume and backstory approval
The following Strains require approval because these are unique enough to Dystopia Rising that they need more game world experience. We aren't setting a "approval level" to your costume, but we would like to work with you before game to make sure you know how these Strains fit in the game world. 

Red Star
Pure Blood
Diesel Jocks


Restricted - Requires costume and backstory approval, as well as an assistance point expenditure.

Assistance points are things you get for helping out the game or doing a little extra NPC time. Spending Assistance points for a restricted character doesn't require much in the way of points, so overall, its just there to ensure that you have been playing the game for at least a little while so that you know the game world, the community, and the local game before playing this sort of character.
300 Assistance Points are required for the following Strains:

Full Dead
Unborn of Têixiptla
Nation of Accensor

Not allowed - While characters of this sort can occasionally visit our game from other areas, none can be based here or be permanently transferred here. These Strains don't match either the geographic region, or, the focus we will be having for our local chapter. 
Semper Mort