Transferring a Character

I want to transfer my character to Dystopia Rising New York.

When Transferring your character to the New York game, be sure to email your current Coordination Director requesting the Transfer. Let them know which Characters you will be Transferring and that you want to Transfer to DR New York.

Please remember that you must turn in all Item Cards, Prints, and In-Game Currency before your Transfer is approved. Players found to be ‘giving away’ all of their Character’s worldly possessions may have their Transfer denied.

Your character will be issued new starting equipment at their first New York game after they have Transferred.

Transferred Characters must follow the Strain Limitations & Restrictions for New York.

A detailed explanation of how to Transfer a Character is available on p. 49 of the Dystopia Rising Survivors Guide, which is free to download. 

For the Toronto players whose characters were transferred to New Jersey when their branch closed and who have not transferred to another branch:

Players who were based in the closed Toronto game that now want to be based in New York can transfer up to 500 AP from Toronto to New York.

Before the Character enters play in New York, all item cards must be reviewed and signed off on. After they are reviewed and approved, they will be returned to you.

If the character is a Strain that requires AP or approval in New York, they will still need to meet those requirements prior to Transferring that Character to New York.

There will be mods that allow Characters to use their currency from Toronto for a short period after New York opens.

Characters with the Financial Exchange Skill that are Transferring from the closed Toronto Branch can purchase up to 20 Trade Notes using Toronto’s currency at the start of their first New York Event.