After at least two (2) months of play in DRNY, you can submit your character's Background for approval. Characters with Limited or Restricted Strains require an approved background before they enter play. 

Please note that anyone over the age of 18 who wishes to play a character that is under the age of 18 must also submit a background for approval. In addition, anyone who wishes to play a character that is under the age of 18 will be barred from any form of intimate or romantic roleplay.

Keep in mind that the Dystopia Rising NY branch only has control over the New York region. Anything outside of that will need special permission from the owner of the Dystopia Rising Branch in that area and will only be approved in very special situations. Even then, our Story Tellers cannot interact with backgrounds based in other games. If you are looking to base a character out of the Old York Territory, please head to the DR New Jersey page.

When it comes to non-player ties, we encourage PC's to use established NPC groups in and around Requiem. This allows PC's to be more involved in the local story. It also requires working with our ST staff to connect you with local groups. Please contact us at to be connected with an ST who will work with you on your backstory ties. Having connections with local NPC groups will not result in advantages or benefits from a NPC group, but will instead give you more reasons to interact with those groups. Remember, in Requiem being known can be as much a curse as an advantage.

Being tied into another Player's Backstory can give great opportunities for Role Play for everyone involved. Just be sure to discuss any ties with the other Players involved first. Any ties to other Players will not be approved without an email from the other Player to the Story Teller Director. Have your friend email when you submit your Background.

We ask that you use bullet points when submitting your background. While we love the creativity you put into your character, we don't want to miss the parts that are most important to you. Bullet points give our Storytellers a solid grasp on what makes your character tick. Which leads to better opportunities to interact with (and torment) your characters. 

A few things to keep in mind:

Keep Groups That You Create Small

The larger the NPC group, the less likely we are to approve it.

Want Ties to a DRNY NPC Group?

Our Story Tellers will do their best to find a tie that best fits your backstory, but they cannot guarantee that you will get a tie to an established group.

Remember that your character is much, much more likely to have worked for a group or be a third cousin twice removed than they are to be a major member of the group. Maybe you used to gather supplies that ‘fell off the caravan’ for a Family. Maybe you have an old friend that fled to Requiem years ago and you’re hoping to reconnect with them.

The point of backstory ties is to give you more reasons to Role Play with these groups. They are not here to give you In Game advantages.

Look Over Your Background Before You Submit

Once your background is approved, it will not be changed. Make sure you've included the most important parts and that there isn't anything you will want to remove later.

Example Background in Bullet Points:

Character Name: Junction

  •  20 year old Rover
  • Has lived on the Trade Routes in the NY Area his whole life
  • Both Parents are Rovers
  • Mother (Bridge) permed (raider), Father (Canvas) is a respected Merchant
  • Former Member of the Long Roads Caravan (a small group of Rovers that mostly trade in weapons.
  • Was left shoe-less and alone after Shaking on several bad deals

Key Words:

  • Disowned, Fair-Weather Friend, Cheat

Key Points:

  • Can't resist telling a tall tale
  • Misses his Mother
  • Always looking to start a new family
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